What is calling you? 

444 Intuitive Healing offers a gentle path back to your inner voice, using the power of stillness, energy healing, language and breath. We are meant to lead extraordinary and joyful lives, activated by our own higher wisdom. If we become sidetracked (or even stuck) on this journey, our inner guidance system still remains available and ready to be discovered.  

Heeding our internal navigation can yield powerful, life-changing results. 444 Intuitive Healing can help you uncover luminous and inspired steps towards a more robust life, in line with your soul’s calling.

Why 444?

444 represents a universal call to pay attention to the happenings of your life. The number '4' also represents our sacred elements (earth, air, fire and water) which make up the foundation of life itself, and the four directions (north, south, east and west) which set our course for the unlimited possibilities that await us all. Angel number 444 also reminds us that all is well, perfect and divine, exactly as it is.


"If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong."                                                                     -Masaru Emoto