I am an intuitive writer and guide, and a certified reiki practitioner. I am also a wife, and a mother of two young children. I have spent the past 15 years managing business development and client relationships, working in a diverse array of industries. You can see a list of my corporate accomplishments here

In 2013, I felt a shift in my life brought on by my new role as a mother, a new job, and an overall sense of navigating the upcoming shift I felt happening. I scheduled a session with Maura Cunningham at Pravaha; after one appointment, I felt my life enter a new chapter. My dreams, instincts and intuitive guidance began to grow, and I stepped onto a new path. 

Since that time, I've continued my journey as both a teacher and a student of various healing modalities. I've worked with a number of intuitives, healers and mystics, and experienced their gifts and unique medicines through various channels: reiki, breathwork, sound healing, manifestation, and more. The changes in and around me have been profound and magnificent, and I'm grateful to share this work with others seeking a deeper connection with their own divinity.