"I first met Melanie at an Energy Healing she held at 444 Intuitive Healing.  I connected with Melanie instantly.  I loved her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge.  And most of all I loved that she was practicing what she was teaching.  She was doing the work too and that made it so easy for me to connect with her and learn from her.  By the end of the day I was booking a reiki session with her.  The reiki session was incredible.  It was everything I had hoped for and MORE!  She helped me break through a 20 year recurring dream.  She told me which chakras were out of balance and needed healing and she gave me suggestions.  One suggestion was to do solar plexus and sacral healing meditations and this has changed me forever.  I googled sacral and solar plexus meditations and the results were AMAZING.  I had thoughts, feelings, and questions surface.  Melanie answered all my questions and was so supportive.  I feel like I could conquer the world.  I am more relaxed, confident and at peace.  I love who I am and I am embracing my life.    Thank you Melanie."

- J.L.

"I just had my first Reiki session with Melanie, and I'm already calmer and clearer.  She carefully explained the process, and then after the session, reviewed what she learned about me, and gave me helpful suggestions on how I could continue to grow and find peace.  Melanie is a compassionate, warm person; her innate kindness contributes to her natural ability to heal.  Thank you so much!"

- R.H.

"I recently saw Melanie at 444 Intuitive Healing. I have to say that I came away feeling energized, clear headed, and "lighter" somehow. I will be going back for another visit again soon. Melanie is very thoughtful and kind in her answers to the questions I had about the process and the things I might feel after the session."

- J.A.